Mozilla Hubs

All NFTs that are sold in the MetaHi marketplace are supported in Mozilla Hubs!

To use your 3D NFTs in Mozilla Hubs, follow these simple steps:

  1. Obtain a 3D model of your asset by buying and downloading it from our website. Follow the steps described here: How to redeem my 3D asset?

  2. Go to Mozilla Hubs and log in using your email

  3. In the Mozilla Hubs Spoke module, select "New project" or choose your existing project

  1. Simple drag & drop your 3D model that was downloaded to your computer during the first step of this tutorial or select "My Assets" in the bottom panel and click "Upload"

  1. Your model is now uploaded and ready to use!

TIP: you can adjust the scale, position, and size of the model using the panel called "Properties" on the right

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