Additional Creator FAQ's

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Why does MetaHi only support .glTF format?
The assets that creators upload onto the MetaHi marketplace are targeted towards use in the primary metaverses -- such as Decentraland.
Currently the .gITF file format is the only format supported by the leading metaverses.
Why does my asset lack textures in the asset preview?
Your asset may be missing textures in the preview asset window after uploading/publishing. To avoid this problem, you will need you Blender models’ textures to be included in the exported glTF files, you need to make sure your models are using the Principled BSDF material type.
What types of assets sell the best?
Consider the quality of the asset when looking to generate sales. Other important factors include: creativity, usefulness, price, and application. Weapons and Technology are among the highest selling categories.